January 04, 2006

STR variance of haplogroup J2 in the Balkans and Anatolia

I have calculated the STR variance of haplogroup J2 chromosomes in the Balkans, based on the recent study by Bosch et al. and in Anatolia, reported by Cinnioglu et al. Since Bosch et al. studied more microsatellites, and microsatellite mutation rates are variable, I have made the comparison based on the 10 microsatellites used by Cinnioglu et al. (DYS19 DYS388 DYS390 DYS391 DYS392 DYS393 DYS389I(CD) DYS389II(AB) DYS439 DYSA7.2). I have also adjusted the DYS389ii value reported by Bosch et al. to conform to the Cinnioglu et al. convention.

STR variance in J2 chromosomes in Turkey is 0.52, precisely as originally reported by Cinnioglu et al. The corresponding value for the Balkan populations sampled by Bosch et al. is 0.56.

Please, also note that Bosch et al. report two haplotypes #145 and #166 that occur in 19 and 17 cases, and may represent a founder effect in specific populations.

The results of these two studies are broadly compatible with the observations of Malaspina et al. on STR variatiance within haplogroup J2a1.


Behar et al. also report allele variances for Ashkenazi Jewish (0.28) and non-Jewish Europeans (0.37). They include the DYS426 locus instead of DYS461/DYS A7.2. Their European sample did not include Balkan populations, except for some Romanians.

Update 2

The STR variance of J2a in India is 0.34 (data from Sengupta 2006). The variance of J2b is 0.34.

Update 3

The variance of J2a in Turkey is 0.47. The variance of J2b is 0.24.

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