January 19, 2006

Amazonian Hunter-Gatherers grasp geometry

See also We're hard-wired for geometry.

Science 20 January 2006: 381-384

Core Knowledge of Geometry in an Amazonian Indigene Group

Stanislas Dehaene, Véronique Izard, Pierre Pica, and Elizabeth Spelke

Does geometry constitute a core set of intuitions present in all humans, regardless of their language or schooling? We used two nonverbal tests to probe the conceptual primitives of geometry in the Mundurukú, an isolated Amazonian indigene group. Mundurukú children and adults spontaneously made use of basic geometric concepts such as points, lines, parallelism, or right angles to detect intruders in simple pictures, and they used distance, angle, and sense relationships in geometrical maps to locate hidden objects. Our results provide evidence for geometrical intuitions in the absence of schooling, experience with graphic symbols or maps, or a rich language of geometrical terms.


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