January 08, 2006

News from the J world

An M410 project, named after the M410 mutation defining haplogroup J2a, has been recently launched. It has a nice table of J2a frequencies from the recent Sengupta paper.

Also, a new J2 Y-DNA project was started. Unfortunately, project haplotypes are not listed, but you can at least get a basic introduction into haplogroup J2, with more statistical analyses to come. The site contains a nice graphic of the phylogenetic correspondences of the new and old nomenclatures, which seems to be on the whole accurate, although the left-most paragroup should be labeled J2*(xDYS413<=18,J2h) (9 Jan: fixed).

The M410 project hosts the very informative Y haplogroup J database (yJdb) that seems to contain nearly all major published haplotypes of haplogroup J, a very convenient resource for cataloguing and searching J haplotypes. I will add yJdb to my list of genetic databases on the right sidebar.

Both projects seem to support haplotype submissions from regular people. An interesting feature of the the yJdb system is that it allows users to enter SNP results, unlike the mainstram ysearch and ybase databases. This is quite useful when trying to compare haplogroup names across different nomenclature systems and with different sets of genotyped markers.

If you are aware of other worthwhile efforts, feel free to leave a comment.

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