January 12, 2006

New SNPs in haplogroup I

From an announcement in the GENEALOGY-DNA-L list.
There are also four new markers within hg I, which together with a marker launched previously (S23) bring considerably improved resolution to the group as a whole. S31 is a new marker which unites haplogroups I1b and I1c and two I1* groups. S23, S30, S32 and S33 unite one of these I1* groups and hg I1c. Renaming of the groups will thus be required - I1b will become I1b1, one of the I1* groups becomes I1b*, the other I1* group becomes I1b2* and I1c will become I1b2a if the nomenclature is followed."
The new I1b-S31 is a new link between Balkan and NW European haplogroup I chromosomes. Together with the previous announcement of haplogroup IJ-S22, the new SNP is helping us better trace the movements of the multiple waves of migrants into Europe through the Balkans.

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