January 05, 2006

J variance in Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and the Balkans

Quintana-Murci et al. reported that the STR variance in haplogroup J is
  • 0.57 in Iran
  • 0.47 in Pakistan
  • 0.36 in India
On the same loci, the STR variance derived from the Balkan data of Bosch et al. is 0.55. The Balkan data belong mainly to haplogroup J2. According to the data of Cinnioglu et al. on the same loci, the J variance is 0.63. Most Turkish samples belong to haplogroup J2 with a significant non-J2 minority. The composition of the Iranian J sample in terms of sub-haplogroups is unknown.

See also STR variance of haplogroup J2 in the Balkans and Anatolia.

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