May 24, 2011

Finding the founder of Stockholm

Birger and his son belonged to Y-haplogroup I1 and had haplogroup H and Z1a mtDNA respectively. The presence of Z1a is interesting, suggesting that occasional Asian mtDNA sequences in Swedes may have been present in that population from a fairly early historical period. The female had mtDNA U5b1.

The authors also tested for the lactase persistence allele: Birger was heterozygous, and the other two individuals had the T (persistent) allele.

The Y-chromosome results will be added to the Ancient Y-chromosome studies page.

Annals of Anatomy - Anatomischer Anzeiger

Finding the founder of Stockholm – A kinship study based on Y-chromosomal, autosomal and mitochondrial DNA

Helena Malmström et al.

Historical records claim that Birger Magnusson (died 1266), famous regent of Sweden and the founder of Stockholm, was buried in Varnhem Abbey in Västergötland. After being lost for centuries, his putative grave was rediscovered during restoration work in the 1920s. Morphological analyses of the three individuals in the grave concluded that the older male, the female and the younger male found in the grave were likely to be Birger, his second wife Mechtild of Holstein and his son Erik from a previous marriage. More recent evaluations of the data from the 1920s seriously questioned these conclusions, ultimately leading to the reopening and reexamination of the grave in 2002. Ancient DNA-analyses were performed to investigate if the relationship between the three individuals matched what we would expect if the individuals were Birger, Erik and Mechtild. We used pyrosequencing of Y-chromosomal and autosomal SNPs and compared the results with haplogroup frequencies of modern Swedes to investigate paternal relations. Possible maternal kinship was investigated by deep FLX-sequencing of overlapping mtDNA amplicons. The authenticity of the sequences was examined using data from independent extractions, massive clonal data, the c-statistics, and real-time quantitative data. We show that the males carry the same Y-chromosomal haplogroup and thus we cannot reject a father–son type of relation. Further, as shown by the mtDNA analyses, none of the individuals are maternally related. We conclude that the graves indeed belong to Birger, Erik and Mechtild, or to three individuals with the exact same kind of biological relatedness.



Matti E Simonaho said...

"Historical records claim that Birger Magnusson (died 1266), famous regent of Sweden and the founder of Stockholm, was buried in Varnhem Abbey in Västergötland."

Birger Magnusson was born ~1210 in Oster-Goth-Land, and he died ~1266 and was buried in Varnhem in Wester-Goth-Land, that is located 13 km east of the city of Skara.

Even if "historical records claim , that Birger Magnusson was a famous regent of Sweden , died in 1266" , the Truth -words and evidence on that what have been said is the truth- is that Sweden did not exist in 1266.

"Finding the founder of Stockholm – A kinship study based on Y-chromosomal, autosomal and mitochondrial DNA

"Stockholm" (by name) did not exist 1266, so it is obvious, that the founder of the city is not of Gothic origin: The name of the city was different prior "Stockholm".

The Church History
"Located in Sweden; suffragan to Hamburg (990-1104), to Lund (1104-64), and finally to Upsala (1164-1530). This diocese, the most ancient in Sweden, included the Counties of Skaraborg, Elfsborg, and Vermland. It was founded about 990 at Skara, the capital of the country of the Goths (Gauthiod)"

"Sweden" in the Church History is the present time name. The correct name to be used when describing history correctly , is "The Country of the Goths , Gauthiod" (the counties was Wester-Goth-Land and Oster-Goth-Land). Physical evidence (aways required in science) on that what have been written in the Church History is the truth , are the Gothic churches. The Gothic church in Skara , the capital of the Country of the Goths , Gauthiod , was built 1000 AD +- 100 years.

Matti E simonaho,

Matti E Simonaho said...

According to Septuaginta (LXX), that is not a religious script but scientific, written in ancient Greek, Arabic and Coptic (Finnish is Coptic); Every Nation of Man (not 'race', 'race' point at animal world, while 'stock' point at vegetables) have its own ADAM, that is The First Mother and the First Father of each Nation of Man on this planet. Among many other things, the First Mother and the First Mother, are the origin of every language (like English and Finnish for example) spoken by one ethnic Nation of Man, that generation after generation have been taught by parents to their children. In the History of Man, there is no 'pure royal race that never have mixed with another race' (viking sagas/fairytales, socialdarwinism, racism); Without mixing in course of the History of Man, we would not have any protection at all agaist viruses.

So, if you want to know the True History of You, it is that You represent all people in the History of Man Kind, in Your own family line (not 'family tree'), who have made your existence possible present time.

If your origin would be 'an ape or an ape-like creature with a small brain', you would not be able to relate, to remember, to vision millions of years back in time to The Origin of You.

Scientist dig in the dirt looking for 'the missing link, not knowing that 'the missing link is in between their ears; It was never born between Darwing and an ape.

According to Septuaginta, between Races of Apes and Nations of Man, a beast existed, that was not an ape and it was not a man.

Matti E Simonaho