May 30, 2011

How to create Zombies from ADMIXTURE

An important new (semi-)technical post over at the Dodecad blog showing how to harness allele frequencies from unsupervised ADMIXTURE results to create dummy populations corresponding to the inferred ancestral populations, and, how to use these "zombies" to do cool things fast.

A side-story is that it's now possible to discover the origin of the enigmatic Kalash, a population that tends to form their own cluster; it turns out these Dardic speakers of Pakistan are of West Asian origin.

UPDATE (May 30): Another post, reconstructing ANI/ASI "zombies".


James said...

This is an ingenious methodology. Could you also write a tutorial on how to quickly create synthetic "zombies" out of the .F output files of an admixture run? It could be useful to many. Thank you in advance.

James said...

Nvm. Already figured it out. For anyone interested in this see the 'SNP simulation routine' options in PLINK (alter the .simfreq file with the .F stats from admixture). That should do the trick.