July 14, 2009

Restricted geographical distribution of Q* Y-chromosome paragroup in Americas

Am J Phys Anthropol doi:10.1002/ajpa.21133

Restricted geographic distribution for Y-Q* paragroup in South America

Graciela Bailliet et al.


We analyzed 21 paragroup Q* Y chromosomes from South American aboriginal and urban populations. Our aims were to evaluate the phylogenetic status, geographic distribution, and genetic diversity in these groups of chromosomes and compare the degree of genetic variation in relation to Q1a3a haplotypes. All Q* chromosomes from our series and five samples from North American Q* presented the derivate state for M346, that is present upstream to M3, and determined Q1a3* paragroup. We found a restrictive geographic distribution and low frequency of Q1a3* in South America. We assumed that this low frequency could be reflecting extreme drift effects. However, several estimates of gene diversity do not support the existence of a severe bottleneck. The mean haplotype diversity expected was similar to that for South American Q1a3* and Q1a3a (0.478 and 0.501, respectively). The analysis of previous reports from other research groups and this study shows the highest frequencies of Q* for the West Corner and the Grand Chaco regions of South America. At present, there is no information on whether the phylogenetic status of Q* paragoup described in previous reports is similar to that of Q1a3* paragroup though our results support this possibility.


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