July 11, 2009

Human remains from the Moravian Gravettian

International Journal of Osteoarchaeology doi:10.1002/oa.1088

Human remains from the Moravian Gravettian: morphology and taphonomy of additional elements from Dolní Vestonice II and Pavlov I

E. Trinkaus et al.


Zooarchaeological analysis of the earlier Mid Upper Paleolithic (MUP) (Pavlovian) assemblages from Dolní Vstonice II and Pavlov I, southern Moravia, have yielded 11 additional remains from Dolní Vstonice II (five of which may be associated) and 20 remains from Pavlov I (16 of which come from a pair of hands, Pavlov 31). These remains are those of early modern humans, albeit with a few generally archaic features. At least two of them represent very tall individuals, among the tallest known for the Upper Paleolithic. These remains also raise the question, previously posed, as to the nature of differential treatment of the dead among MUP humans, given the presence of ritual burials, isolated bones and (with Pavlov 31) selected associated anatomy. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.


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