July 16, 2009

mtDNA from the Carpathian Highlands

Hum Biol. 2009 Feb;81(1):43-58.

Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation in the boyko, hutsul, and lemko populations of the carpathian highlands.

Nikitin AG et al.

Abstract Genetic studies of the distribution of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) haplogroups in human populations residing within the Carpathian Mountain range have been scarce. We present an analysis of mtDNA haplogroup composition of the Boykos, Hutsuls, and Lemkos, three population groups of the Carpathian highlands. In our study Hutsuls had the highest frequency of subhaplogroup H1 in central and eastern Europe. Lemkos shared the highest frequency of haplogroup I ever reported and the highest frequency of haplogroup M(*) in the region. MtDNA haplogroup frequencies in Boykos were different from most modern European populations. We interpreted these unique mtDNA frequencies to be evidence of diverse and dynamic population histories in the Carpathian highland region.


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Alareiks Gadrauhts said...

boykos are very very far from all the other populations. they might be most closely related to the oldest inhabitants of the carpathians, from the carpathian shield in the time of the LGM. also, note that hutsuls are closest to croatians, hungarians and poles (one theory says they are partly descended from the white croatians). also note the striking genetical distance between the carpathian populations, them being closer to the any neighbouring nation than to other carpathian population (!)