July 15, 2008

Narcissistic people aren't really more beautiful

Personality and Individual Differences doi:10.1016/j.paid.2008.05.018

Narcissistic men and women think they are so hot – But they are not

April Bleske-Rechek et al.


Narcissists think they are more knowledgeable, better leaders, and more attractive than others are. Higher narcissism scores in celebrities than in non-celebrities (Young & Pinsky, 2006) raise the question of whether narcissistic individuals actually are, to some degree, more knowledgeable or attractive than other individuals are. Because little research has investigated the degree to which narcissists’ ratings of their attractiveness are inflated relative to others’ ratings of their attractiveness, we asked men and women to evaluate their own attractiveness, and then we asked two separate panels of judges to view and rate facial shots of these men and women. More narcissistic men and women rated themselves as more attractive than less narcissistic individuals did, but outside judges did not rate more and less narcissistic individuals as any different in attractiveness.


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