July 07, 2008

Diet in Bronze Age Lerna

Journal of Archaeological Science
Article in Press doi:10.1016/j.jas.2008.06.018

Isotopic Dietary Reconstruction of humans from middle Bronze Age lerna, argolid, greece

S. Triantaphyllou, M.P. Richards, C. Zerner and S. Voutsaki


This study presents the results of a carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis
of thirty-nine human bone and eight animal samples from Middle Bronze Age (or
Middle Helladic, MH, ca. 2100-1700BC) Lerna, Greece. The isotopic data indicate
that the humans had a C3 terrestrial diet while certain individuals appear to have
significant amounts of animal protein in their diet. With regard to weaning age, the
isotopic values and the estimated age of early enamel disruptions suggest that solid
foods were starting to be used as a substitute for breast milk at or before the ages of
2.5 and 3 years old.



Maju said...

Is C3 a vegetarian diet?

Awakened said...

C3 refers to a type of photosynthetic pathway. So yes, if all you ate were C3 plants you would be a vegerarian.