July 24, 2008

Hercules movie in development

Berg to direct 'Hercules':
"Hancock" director Peter Berg is spearheading a fresh take on Hercules for Universal.

Berg will produce and will develop to direct "Hercules: The Thracian Wars," a co-production of Spyglass Entertainment, Berg’s Film 44 and Radical Pictures. Spyglass and Universal will co-finance the film.

Ryan Condal will write the script, based on a five-issue comicbook series by Steve Moore that debuted in May through Radical Publishing.


Crimson Guard said...

I had actually DLed the comic off line 2 months ago. Its not a bad read. Some of the armour was semi-authunetic atleast which is rare. For instance they used the Dendra style armour:

Check it out:


Dean said...

I hope it's not another movie in which an ancient Greek is portrayed by a northern European looking actor. I would rather see Hercules portrayed by an actor of Assyrian ancestry, for example.