August 09, 2006

August 1 update of YHRD

YHRD, the Y Chromosome Haplotype Reference Database has been updated on August 1:
The following populations were added today: Iceland, Elista (Russia, Kalmyks), Ecuador (Mestizo, Afroamerican, Quichua, Huaorani), Bama (China, Yao), Chengdu (China, Han), Zhenning (China, Buyi), Molidawa (China, Daur and Ewenki), Yuanjiang (China, Hani), Tongjiang (China, Hezhen), Tongxin (China, Hui), Yanji (China, Korean), Tongshi (China, Li), Xiuyan (China, Manchu), Alihe (China, Oroqen), Maowen (China, Qiang), Luoyuan (China, Fujian), Lhasa (China, Tibet), Yili (China, Xibe, Uigur and Han), Harbin (China, Han), Hailar (China, Mongolian), Lanzhou (China, Han), Liannan (China, Yao), Meixian (China, Han), Urumqi (China, Uigur), Mongolia, Japan, Korea, Gdansk (Poland), Nepal, Sao Paulo State (Brazil, European, African, Oriental and Pardo), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santa Fe (Argentina), Mendoza (Argentina), Rio Negro (Argentina), Chubut (Argentina), Misiones (Argentina), Corrientes (Argentina), Formosa (Argentina), Chaco (Argentina), Salta (Argentina). We would like to thank the following colleagues for submitting these population samples: Daniel Corach and his group (Buenos Aires), Rune Andreassen and his group (Oslo, Norway), Ivan Nasidze and his group (Leipzig, Germany), Fabricio Gonzalez and his group (Quito, Ecuador), Chris Tyler-Smith, Yali Xue and their group (Cambridge, UK), Richard Pawlowski and his group (Gdansk, Poland), Rogerio Nogueira Oliveira and his group (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Gustavo Penacino and his group (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Emma Parkin, Mark Jobling and their group (Leicester, UK).

So, head on there to see if you get any new matches for your Y-chromosome samples.

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