January 01, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Since I didn't get my wish for any ancient African DNA last year, I repeat it for this year as well.


Andrew Millard said...

Does this not count?
First Ancient Mitochondrial Human Genome from a Pre-Pastoralist Southern African

Anonymous said...

I would like to see paleolithic Western-European ancient DNA. I think I read in the comments at eurogenes someone said Eske Willerslev was trying to get DNA from the inaptly named Red Lady of Paviland.

Beran Parry said...

May your wish comes true for any ancient African DNA. This is good to celebrate new year eve with friends and family. Wish Happy New Year

Nirjhar007 said...

I need your clinical analysis on the newly developing projection that Bell Beaker culture might have its origins from northern Africa, David Disagrees-
Happy 2015! BTW.