January 19, 2015

Five people were buried in Amphipolis tomb

Bones found in Magnificent Amphipolis Tomb belong to Five People, Ministry Announced
The Greek Ministry of Culture has announced the long-awaited results of the analysis on the bones found inside the 4th century BC tomb uncovered in Amphipolis in northern Greece, and the news is quite unexpected – the bones belong to not one, but five individuals, pointing to the likelihood that it is a family tomb. 
Person 1: Female, approximately 60 years
Persons 2 and 3: Two men, 35 to 45 years
Person 4: Newborn infant
Person 5: Cremated individual of unknown age and sex  
The scientific team will continue to carry out in-depth studies of the bones, including DNA analysis, to obtain more detailed information about the individuals including their diet, their affinity and place of origin, whether they grew up in Amphipolis or had moved from elsewhere, when they were buried/cremated, and whether the individuals are related to each other.


Nirjhar007 said...

Fascinating Stuff Dienekes!
BTW see This if already haven't.

Applicable100 said...

Two men aged 35-45, Phillip the 2nd died at 46 years old, looks promising.