October 29, 2012

Assessment of ancient European DNA with 'globe13'

Here is my assessment of ancient DNA from Europe using the globe13 calculator:

You can consult the spreadsheet for the distribution of these components in modern populations. As in previous analyses, the main distinction is between Northern European-like Mesolithic population (Ajv52, Ajv70, and Bra1), and Mediterranean-like Neolithic (Oetzi and Gok4) one.


Alberto said...

¿Have you ever tried to use those 3 HGs samples as a base to compare to modern day European populations? It would be interesting to substitute the North European and Mediterranean for this other "Old European" admixture, since it would tell better the amount of genes from old European origin and the amount (and origin) from neolithic and later migrations into Europe.

As a side note, I do find the concept of Mediterranean admixture vague and inaccurate in this globe 13 calculator. The fact that people from the British islands are as Mediterranean as Greeks and more than people from Turkey (or that Uzbeks are 22% Mediterranean) proves that there seems to be 2-3 different admixtures into the same category. Kind of like if you merged the categories North European and South Asian into one and called it Indo-European (the results would look as attractive as false they would be, though people would jump to claim it's the R1a haplogroup admixture!).

Arch Hades said...

Dienekes, you should update this analysis with the addition of the ancient Thracian genomes of the "K8" and "P192-1" samples.