March 23, 2012

Another look at Oetzi with 'euro7' and 'world9' calculators

After taking the first look at the genome of the Tyrolean Iceman, I decided to run him through a couple more calculators developed by the Dodecad Project.

The first one was euro7 which has a little bit more resolution within Europe. Oetzi was:

  • 37.8% Southwestern
  • 37.7% Southeastern
  • 22.5% Northwestern
  • 1.9% African
  • 0.1% Far_Asian

These results are consistent with his K12b "Atlantic_Med" major ancestral component, and he appears once again to be a very close match for the Sardinian components using the same calculator.

The second one was world9 which is a "global" calculator that includes Amerindian and Australasian components. Oetzi was:

  • 47.3% Atlantic_Baltic
  • 46.4% Southern
  • 3.1% Caucasus_Gedrosia
  • 1.7% Australasian
  • 0.9% African
  • 0.6% East_Asian

Again, these match quite well the world9 values for Sardinians, who are a bit more Atlantic_Baltic and a little less Southern than Oetzi, as noted before for the K7b comparison that is similar to world9, with the addition of the Amerindian and Australasian components.

Overall, this is a nice demonstration that Oetzi's genome is indeed Sardinian-like as argued by Keller et al., and also that the Dodecad Project calculators based on the idea of "zombies" are indeed working as they're supposed to. (Note that the previous K=7 and K=12 comparisons were not based on "zombies", but produced quite the same conclusion as the supervised runs in this post).

This is even more impressive as only ~44k SNPs were used in these various experiments, intersecting the set of SNPs I have for Oetzi (1,459,228 SNPs mapped to hg18, or 156,691 SNPs intersected with my main Stanford HGDP reference), with the ~160-170k SNPs used in my various calculators after linkage disequilibrium-based pruning.

So, despite an about 4-fold reduction in the number of SNPs, the results are excellent. Hopefully, in the future, I'll find some time to create new calculators that use all ~160k of Oetzi's SNPs, although intersection with all the dozen Illumina-based datasets I currently have available leaves only ~72k SNPs in all.

But I have to say that I'm already growing tired of Oetzi, with his Sardinian-like predictability: what's the next ancient genome in the works? (e-mail me if you want to tip me)


AK said...

Dienekes, how does this data and the data you had presented before link the Sardinian Mediterranean compenent with the similar one found in the Mozabites?

PRjibaro said...

Alos try Dodecad K10a and both weac and weac2 with Otzi to see his gnetic distance from West Asian and European