January 07, 2012

Dodecad submission opportunity

I took some time to re-organize some of the Dodecad populations, as part of the current submission opportunity.

For example, I extracted an English_D population out of the previous British_D one; the latter now contains all British individuals that don't have four English grandparents.

Many ethnic groups were represented in the Indian_D population, and I extracted at least two samples, Iyer_D, and Jatt_D with at least 5 participants each.

I've also identified a few other smaller populations, such as Breton_D, Turkish_Cypriot_D, which haven't reached 5 participants yet, but I'm hopeful that they will.

In any case, here is the list of current Dodecad populations. Do consider submitting your data to the Project, especially if you belong in one of the populations that haven't reached 5 participants yet, or in one of the eligible groups that are not represented in the Project. Even groups with relatively large sample sizes could use more participants: more data = better ability to discover patterns of human variation.

Ashkenazi_D 34 English_D 12 Lithuanian_D 7
Indian_D 28 British_D 12 Iyer_D 6
Turkish_D 27 French_D 11 Brazilian_D 6
Armenian_D 23 Norwegian_D 11 O_Italian_D 5
Russian_D 22 Portuguese_D 10 Japanese_D 5
Irish_D 22 Mixed_Germanic_D 9 N_Italian_D 5
Polish_D 21 Chinese_D 9 Korean_D 5
Spanish_D 20 S_Italian_Sicilian_D 9 Moroccan_D 5
German_D 20 Somali_D 9 Jatt_D 5
Greek_D 18 British_Isles_D 8 Algerian_D 4
Finnish_D 17 Dutch_D 8 North_African_Jews_D 4
Sicilian_D 14 Kurd_D 8 Slovenian_D 4
Assyrian_D 13 Iranian_D 8 Mixed_Scandinavian_D 4
C_Italian_D 13 Bulgarian_D 7 Serb_D 4
Swedish_D 13 S_Italian_D 7 Romanian_D 4
East_African_Various_D 3 Azeri_D 2 Mixed_Arab_D 1
Danish_D 3 Georgian_D 2 Yoruba_D 1
Tunisian_D 3 Kazakh_D 2 Egyptian_D 1
Austrian_D 3 Iraqi_D 2
Saudi_D 3 Breton_D 2
Pakistani_D 3 Belgian_D 1
Tatar_Various_D 3 Latvian_D 1
Palestinian_D 3 Estonian_D 1
Philippines_D 3 Bangladesh_D 1
Czech_D 3 Yemenese_D 1
Turkish_Cypriot_D 3 Sri_Lanka_D 1
Greek_Italian_D 2 Hungarian_D 1
Swiss_German_D 2 Basque_D 1
Szekler_D 2 Udmurt_D 1
Mandaean_D 2 Ukrainian_D 1


Onur Dincer said...

I hope you include in the Dodecad Turkish Cypriot population only people whose all four grandparents are Turkish Cypriots. I mean, many people from Turkey migrated to Northern Cyprus during the last few decades, largely as a result of the policy of increasing the Turkish population of the island of Cyprus. Those migrants and their descendants, whether partial or full, should be excluded from the Dodecad Turkish Cypriot population. Turkish Cypriots have a peculiar Turkish dialect, a peculiar accent and, more importantly, a uniquely Cypriot culture, so they deserve to be investigated separately.

Acid said...

¿Do you plan to make other subgroups in the near future?

I see the Spanish samples are increasing, and several individuals show interesting regional features, as for example Galicians, Northeast Iberians or Southern Spaniards. Perhaps not all of them have 4 grandparents from an especific territory, but having at least 3 it's enough to see characteristic proportions.

Also, Russians should differ a lot from North to South.

El Lurker said...

A couple of questions

What does mixed germanic and brazilian mean?

lubatab said...

North Caucasus not represented at all. Why is that?

Dienekes said...

What does mixed germanic and brazilian mean?

Mixed Germanic are Germanic individuals of multiple origins (e.g., Dutch+German+Swedish)

Brazilian means what it says. I do not accept Brazilians at this time, as this submission opportunity is for people from the Old World.

North Caucasus not represented at all. Why is that?

Because people from the north Caucasus don't buy genetic tests? Thankfully, there are scientific datasets on the region that are included in the Dodecad Project.

lubatab said...

Sorry, but not true at all. I am from North Ossetia, living in US. As soon as I was able, I purchased a DNA kit for my son from 23andMe. Another test, my daughter's, is in the way. Don't know about other websites, but FTDNA has many members. People from North Caucasus Do buy genetic tests. North Ossetians for sure.

Dienekes said...

Sorry, but not true at all. I am from North Ossetia, living in US. As soon as I was able, I purchased a DNA kit for my son from 23andMe. Another test, my daughter's, is in the way.

Well, unless you submit your data to the Project, it is impossible to create an Ossetian sample, so I'm not sure what your question is.

lubatab said...

My question was very simple. Why you don't represent North Caucasus in your programs? The answer, that they don't buy genetic test is wrong, but you probably right about not providing data. I will send my son's today. I will send my daughter's as soon as I receive. I'll ask other ones I know already having results to send it to you also. But that would be Ossetian only. I truly want to know the real origin of Ossetian. There are too many theories. Ossetians are different among themselves. They have three dialects.
But thank you for your work. I really enjoy reading your blog.