January 16, 2012

Phased Omni haplotypes with ShapeIT

The working directory of the 1000 Genomes ftp site contains phased haplotypes for 2,123 individuals from the 1000 Genomes Project (US/Europe). The data were phased with ShapeIT, which I've recently played with, and could recommend as a fairly user-friendly and high quality phasing software.

You can use vcftools to convert the data into PLINK format, which appears to be quite efficient (but use --plink-tped) compared to doing it on the single file I previously linked to. So, it's also a way to get 1000Genomes data into the more useful PLINK format, and it's pre-phased as a bonus.

1 comment:

bau said...

Can Plink manage phased data? How?
Thank you!