June 13, 2010

Composite Greek player (FIFA 2010 World Cup)

Here is a composite of the 23 players on the Greek squad in this year's FIFA World Cup.

Created with Sqirlz Morph 2.0.


Onur Dincer said...

And here is the composite of the 22 players of the Greek national team in the 2008 UEFA Cup:


Source: http://s1.zetaboards.com/anthroscape/topic/3425796/1/

Also can be found at Racial Reality Blog:


AdygheChabadi said...

Hmmm, lets see what my radar says...It says he MAY be Greek.

Marnie said...

Something that always seems a little off in looking at averages of Greek mens' faces is the nose.

The nose is too averaged. Many Greeks have a narrow upper nose bridge and a pointier nose than this guy. And some Greeks have a opposite wide nose.

As to the other features, I'd say yes. However, Mr. Average could also be from Western Turkey and parts of Italy. (I covered up the country information on this guy and asked my Greek husband. He also said Italy, Greece or Turkey.)

Onur Dincer said...

Marnie, what about the 2008 Greek composite I linked above?

Jack said...

I will not comment on Greece and Turkey, but I do not think he looks from Southern Italy. I reduced the tan and also looked at it in black and white by using Photoshop.
In all three cases I think the face has only a, let's say, 25% chance of being from Southern Italy (portion of Italy South of Rome). Not typical. Let's say that if someone told me the person is an Anatolian Turk I would believe it more easily (70% chance guesstimate). But I really don't know Turks that well.

Onur Dincer said...

As a Turk I would say that he would very easily pass as a Turk in Turkey. But I should also add that he looks more like western Turks than eastern Turks, because as you travel to east in Turkey Turks start to look more West Asian and less Greek.

Marnie said...


Yes, one of the links you put up as an averaged Greek face with a narrower upper nose bridge and a wider, more prominent lower nose.


I agree that is not the dominant look in Italy.

This averaged face for me, doesn't capture the breadth of Greek faces. For instance, there are a number of people in Greece that look somewhat like Mr. Kinareh (not the eyes).

Onur Dincer said...

Correction: Cappadocian, not Capadocian

Anonymous said...


The above is how a typical person from Pontus (i.e. Black Sea Coast of Turkey) looks like.

Very typical. I know many Pontians here who look exactly like that, i.e. immigrants from Pontus.

Marnie said...

Regarding Greek eyes:

I used to think it was just my perception that many Greeks have big, mesmerizing, deep brown eyes. As a child, I became fascinated with a book we had on Byzantine icons. You can't miss the eyes in some of those icons. However, I used to think it was an artefact of the paintings.

That was until a retina specialist friend of ours, someone who has operated on thousands of eyes from people all over the world, told us that the largest eyes he has worked on are Greek eyes.

So, yeah, Greeks aren't squinty eyed.

Greek Eyes in mosaic:

Theotokos Apse Mosaic (Aghia Sophia, Istanbul):


Saint Demetrius and Children (Aghios Demetrios, Thessaloniki):


Alexander the Great mosaic(Naples National Archaeological Museam)


Onur Dincer said...

Here is another photo of the Turkish man Achaean linked to:


Here is him from side-face:


And this is his childhood photo:


princenuadha said...

you think Greek noses don't follow a normal curve but are dimorphic... I seriously doubt that. It would be like saying people are short or tall but rarely average, categorically speaking.

as for other comments when considering the eyes nose and overall face the Greeks form a very good continuum with the Turks, its like there was no barrier (Aegean). And of course the Eastern Turks would start to look different from the Greeks.

on a side not, man the Greeks are in trouble for the WC. Someone should do an average face of the Spanish, they'll probably go far.

I think it would be fun to do an average face matching with all the Mediterranean countries at once.

Unknown said...

To me the picture of the composite Greek team and previously posted composite Turkish team look like the exactly the same person.


Unknown said...

Or at laest full brothers. The eyes are a bit different, but that could also be the effect of the smile.

Onur Dincer said...

The name of the Turkish man Achaean gave link to is Cem Davran. He is a famous actor in Turkey, so you can easily google his photos.

Marnie said...


"you think Greek noses don't follow a normal curve but are dimorphic... "

I'd asked that you stop misquoting and distorting my comments.

I did not say that Greek noses are dimorphic or that they don't follow a normal curve.

Fine if you want to make your own comments. However, you seem to have made a part time job of distorting many of my comments.

I would ask that you stop.

anaveno said...


some "greek" faces are same as shqiptar faces.

princenuadha said...

"The nose is too averaged. Many Greeks have a narrow upper nose bridge and a pointier nose than this guy. And some Greeks have a opposite wide nose."

Yes there are Greeks with a narrow nose (by comparison to the average) and Greeks with a wide nose but the averaged Greek nose is not the odd result of averaging those two. By the normal curve the average nose is the most popular and as you move away from that average the noses become less and less common.

now if you remember the extremes more clearly and think the average nose is not representative then that is just your own distortion of what Greek noses are like.

princenuadha said...


what was the significance of the post and results from "which of these two women are more attractive". Someone else pointed hot that the woman on the left is more masculine. Have men's preference in women's faces (not just facial expressions) changed over the last 50 years? And do the prefer a slightly more masculine face (adventurous, sexy...)? Also why did the women choose differently from the women?

can you refer me to studies that answer this.

princenuadha said...


it should read pointed out - not "hot"

it should read, why did women choose differently from the men?