April 03, 2009

European School Survey on Alcohol and Other Drugs

The ESPAD 2007 report (pdf) has been released, and has received coverage from various countries (e.g., UK UK Ireland Malta Slovenia Czech Republic). Here is a summary of the results for Greece. The lower than average cigarette consumption, coupled with an apparently decreasing trend may be a hopeful sign for younger generations of Greeks.
Greece is one of the countries that reported rather moderate alcohol, tobacco and other drug habits.
However, the proportion of students who had been drinking alcohol during the past 12 months (87%) is somewhat higher than the ESPAD average. Being drunk, on the other hand, is not as common in Greece as in many other ESPAD countries: one fourth (26%) of the students reported this. Estimated consumption on the latest drinking day (3.1 cl alc. 100%) was also lower than average. About one-fifth (22%) of the Greek participants had been smoking during the past 30 days, which is lower than average. The lifetime prevalence of cannabis use (6%) is also low, at about one third of the ESPAD mean. Use of drugs other than cannabis (5%), on the other hand, is close to average. Rather small proportions of students report other behaviours such as lifetime use of inhalants (9%), non-prescription use of tranquillisers or sedatives (4%) and combined use of alcohol and pills (3%).


Dean said...

I read that the drug laws in Greece are tough. I read that Greek law does not distinguish between types of drugs as much as it does between habitual use and casual use. Habitual users may have to go to rehab, but casual users, even for marijuana use, a drug less harmful than heroin or crystal methamphetamine, face tough penalties.

Dean said...

In the U.S., the drug problem is entirely different than in Greece. The costs of the drug war far outweigh the benefits, to me. There is rampant gang violence related to drug turf, and now the Mexican drug cartels are in the national news for their growth and violence. In the U.S., decriminalization/legalization of drugs makes sense, to reduce or eliminate the black market and problems associated with it.

The drug war in the U.S. is a joke. If I want drugs, I can get them, with relatively little trouble. Marijuana is beyond available; it's everywhere. Harder drugs should be taken out of the harmful black market and should be available through medical means, for addicts. In that way, it can easier be controlled.

Sheila said...

I'm shocked with the number of students already hitting the sauce !
We've all got to do something !?!

Many of us here in Canada have been trying to convince our Government Officials for leglislation, forcing mandatory health warning labels on all liquor containers, similar to whats already been done to Cigarette packages, only we've not insisted on any deplorable photo's be attached.

At this time, there are five most common health afflictions, hitting society. Mostly those who are of the opinion, that moderate drinking of hard liquor drinks, is 2-3 per day, when recent Medical stats have shown 1-2 per WEEK, to avoid any health damage(s).
And they are (in no particular order):
-Grand Mal Seizures
-Progressive Blindness
-Progressive Deafness
-Rapidly Corroded Livers
-Heart Attacks

There are no cures at this time for any of these either, nor are there any fore-warning signs !

So when all us old farts (many, myself included, recovering alcoholics, forced into early retirement, as a result of this) have been dropped off at Seniors Nursing Home(s), to be spoon fed & diaperred, who will be taking over all our many professions ? If our youth of today, have already destroyed their own health & futures ?

May God help us all !