April 05, 2009

Arabian Genealogy

This is not a topic that is much known or discussed outside the Arab world, but it's certainly a very interesting one due to the patrilineal descent observed by traditional Arabian tribes.

Getting to the roots of family trees
According to Mr al Matroushi, Arabic family trees were kept diligently during the pre-Islamic period, between the time of Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed; with the expansion of Islamic influence beyond the Arabian peninsula, however, there was a lot of mixing and it became increasingly difficult to keep track of the various branches of far-flung families.

However, he says all Arab tribes can trace their origins to two main ones, the Qahtaniya and Adnaniya, that are direct descendants of Ismail, son of the Prophet Ibrahim. Prophet Mohammed’s ancestry is from the Adnaniya tribe.


Mr al Shehhi has published a book about the outcome of DNA testing on some of the main tribes in the UAE; he concluded that all the Emirati tribes come from “three fathers”, tens of thousands of years ago.

The UAE tribes, he says, “are the same as the rest of the Arabian tribes as there was no UAE or Saudi Arabia or any specific country; it was all open land and the tribes moved around.”

In genetics, the various major branches of the family tree of the human race are defined as “haplogroups”. According to genetic theory, says Mr Shehhi, the entire human race came from one man and one woman, labelled as “Adam” and “Eve”, and both came from Africa.

The samples taken by Mr al Shehhi from UAE tribes show about 70 per cent of them are from haplogroup J1 and the rest are from J2 and E1B1. The “father”, labelled by genetic science as J1, came from an area we know now as Iraq; J2 came from the area north of modern-day Syria and E1B1 from Syria itself.


Anonymous said...

Those Arabian lines of descent are a load of horse pukey. They are based on the pan Semitic beliefs on the Flood and descent from Noah. Just religion, that is all those male lines come from Noah through Shem. Those Qahtanites are from Joktan in the Christian sense and Adnanites through Eber and Ishmael and his 12 sons. If you believe that then Abraham was asked to sacrifice Ishmael not Isaac, the angel Gabriel visited Muhammad in a cave, and that Jesus was a prophet and not God made flesh. The Arabians had odd ideas about their origins as did the tribes of Israel and Judah. The Australian Aborigines believe they were created in Australia not from OOA humans and by the Rainbow serpent. Same difference with these Arabians, all religious dogma.

You should know that most Arabians are not J1 or even J2 and that J1 is not exclusive to the descendants of Ali, Muhammad's paternal cousin who married his daughter Fatima. The Muhammad line covers a number of haplogroups, it is hard to prove who really descends from Ali and Fatima.

I am J1 myself, I am European, no Jews or Arabians in my line, and my J1 is separated by many thousands of years from Jews or Arabians. I have 578=7, the only J1 out of the many I have seen including those in the J haplogroup project on FTDNA or the Arabian group or any Jewish groups. All the rest of the J1s are 578=8. I also am the only J1 who has 607=8 when the modal is 14.

Arabian J1 is derivative of Levantine J1 and dates to the Neolithic.

I dislike the way the Semites, Jews and Arabians have taken over J1 and filled it with religious BS, Abraham, Cohens and the like. It is just a haplogroup about 24 kya, nothing to do with either Semite group except it is present in Jews and common in Arabians. One thing I have learnt about both groups is that they have a large capacity for exaggeration and dissembling.

Maju said...

For a change I largely agree with Ponto: mythic ancestry should not be considered anything real, all tribes around the world have mythic ancestors who either did not exist at all or are just semi-mythical heroes that have been adopted as ancestors because they give prestige.

Another thing would be dwelling in the actual historical genealogies, that in some cases may go back many centuries, and contrast that with Y-DNA. That can illustrate our knowledge of genetics, as well as of the truth and falsehoods of genealogies.

Shamsuddeen. A. P. said...

J1 is a Middle Eastern haplogroup, which probably originated in eastern Anatolia, near Lake Van in central Kurdistan. Eastern Anatolia being theregion where goats, sheep and cattle were first domesticated in the Middle East, haplogroup J1 is almost certainly linked to the expansion of pastoralist lifestyle throughout the Middle East and Europe. J1 can be divided in two main groups: the J1c3 (P58) subclade, and the other forms of J1 (J1*, J1a, J1b, J1c1 and J1c2).

J1c3 (J-P58) is by far the most widespread subclade of J1. It is a typically Abrahamic haplogroup, making up most of the population of the Arabian peninsula, where it accounts for approximately 40% t 75% of male lineages

J-P58 (j1c3) is also the Cohen Modal Haplotype.

J1c3d which common among people who are descended from Arab Adnani which Prophet Muhammad was apart of.

The DNA science has proved that the real and true Arabs " Ishmaelis" and true Judahites "Isaacs" belong to the Haplogroup J1c3d.
Ishmaelis and Isaacs are related to each other scientifically , so Science and History support each other ( no more myth from now and onward ).

Therefore the DNA science identified and proved that so many Jews , Christians and Muslims are cousins and belong to one father and one Haplogroup J1c3d ( Abrahamic Haplogroup ).
Any Jew or Christian or Muslim dosen't have HP J1c3d he is not a descendant of Abraham .
We have to distinguish between the terms Arabs /Jews and descendants of Abraham ( not All Arabs are seed of Ishmael and not all Jews are seed of Isaac ).

Unknown said...

So many people in the Muslim world claim descent from prophet Muhammed in order to enhance their prestige.

How can one objectively reconstruct Arab genealogy when so much social/political status comes from belonging to a particular one of its branches?