September 05, 2008

Milk and culture

Significance Of Milk In Development Of Culture To Be Studied:
ScienceDaily (Sep. 4, 2008) — The capacity to drink and tolerate milk may have been of tremendous importance for the cultural development of Europe. In a major EU project, being launched today and coordinated by Uppsala University in Sweden, researchers will now study when and where this capacity emerged and what it entailed.


“The oldest pottery shards shown to contain milk were found in southeastern Europe, more precisely in what today is northeastern Greece. We believe that the mutation once grew common there and then became fundamental to the development of agrarian culture,” says Anders Götherstam, who will be coordinating the project.
See also the recent post on Earliest evidence for milk. In Northern Greece, milk has been detected in Stavroupoli (5.7ky BC) and Makriyalos (5.2ky BC)

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miz RAND BLOWTON said...

I didn't know that White People couldn't tolerate milk-I thought foreign people couldn't tolerate milk,but I also read online at wikipedia that almost every country in the world produces and drinks milk and sells it in containers.And the African Maasi tribe in Kenya consumes nothing but milk I read.So I guess only primative White people are the only ones who can't drink milk.