September 02, 2008

Launch of Google Chrome and first impressions

Just downloaded Google Chrome, the new browser from Google. First impressions: launches fast, the usual comfortable and minimalistic Google interface style, no need to install any plugins for flash video or pdfs. If you are used to Firefox shortcuts, many of them are the same (e.g. to start and close tabs, or to change the text size). Features I like: (i) when you open a new tab, you see your "most visited sites" so you can quickly go to a page you like, (ii) when you increase or decrease text size, images don't scale (I didn't like this feature in Firefox 3.0) (iii) you can search your browsing history, which seems more useful than trying e.g. to re-create a search engine query that led you to a particular page. (iv) view page source opens in a new tab rather than a new window; very useful if you hate multiple open windows, (v) each tab is its own process, so I guess if one of them hangs, you can kill it individually without losing all your other open tabs; not sure how you can figure out which process in your task manager corresponds to which tab, however. Not sure when it will crash (it's still in beta), but so far it's looking great

Updte: A nice demo video which covers a lot of the features of the browser:


Unknown said...

I recommend Firefox.Its open source and thre are plugins and addons to expand its functionality.The best Browser available!

Jhangora said...

Me using Chrome too...Like it :)