August 08, 2008

Y-chromosome Microsatellite Genealogy Simulator (YMGS 1.0)

!! VERY IMPORTANT NOTE !! : If you downloaded it before August 13, please download again, since an important bug fix has been incorporated in the code. These do not affect the results I posted recently, since these were obtained by a sound version of the code.

NEW UPDATE (Sep 18): the YMGS has been updated (see related erratum).

You can download C++ code for the types of simulations on Y-STRs that I did recently. Feel free to report any bugs, comments, problems, observations, ... at my e-mail address (right sidebar).

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McG said...

One point is that I believe Var = 2 ASD, is the appropriate relationship between variance and ASD. What is your opinion on time varying mutation rates as being another factor that has to be modelled?? Also there was a msg on DNA forums by Adangus)(sp). He argues for a variation in TMRCA estimates as a function of pop size, somewhat like ZUL. Do you agree??

David Sutherland said...

How about a download link to an executable?