August 29, 2008

In the traces of Telamon

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In the traces of Telamon (in Greek)
It is possible that Yannos Lolos, professor of Archaeology of the University of Ioannina may have uncovered the tomb of the leader of the Aiakids in Salamis, who has excavated for years in the "Kanakia" site of the island

In the next days, Mr. Lolos, with the permission of the Central Archaeological Council will attempt to investigate this monument which is prominent in the site where the surface survey indicates the presence of an early Mycenaean graveyard


Telamon was the father of the Aias (Ajax) of Telamon, the gigantic hero, who committed suicide in Troy, and Teukros who founded Salamis in Cyprus.


The excavation must be performed urgently, as "from time to time there there are attempts at illegal excavation". Physical anthropologists will participate, who will examine whatever skeletal material is discovered.

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