December 30, 2006

New edition of YHRD database is online

From the curators of YHRD:
Hi Dienekes,

we have launched release 20 of the YHRD database, the largest update ever with 4,755 new haplotypes. See the news below and a geographical overview as an attachment.

December 28 YHRD update (Lutz Roewer, Sascha Willuweit)

The largest update since the database was started in 2000! Release 20 is out with 46,720 haplotypes in 386 populations. 44,863 haplotypes of these are completely typed for 9 and 17,824 for 11 loci. Twenty-nine populations were added today: from Ningxia in China (Han), from Qinghai in China (Salar), from Hungary including Romani speakers, from Germany (Bonn), from Sweden (Saami from Jokkmokk), from Norway (Bergen), from Libya (Tripolis), from Yemen (Sanaa), from Mexico (Chihuahua and Mexico City), from Serbia (Novi Sad), from Siberia (Stony Tunguska Evenks, Yakut speaking Evenks, Yakuts, Yukaghir, Tuva), from Western Russia (Belgorod, Kaluga, Mineralnye Vody, Nizhnii Novgorod, Orel, Pskov, Saratov, Tula, Vladimir, Volot, Yaroslavl) and from Southeastern Poland. Ten populations were updated: from Colombia (province Antioquia), from Ningxia in China (Hui), from Taiwan (Han), from Norway (Eastern, Central, Northern, Southern, Western parts and from Oslo) as well as from Russia (Novgorod). In two populations erroneous allele calls were corrected: Taraz (Kazakhstan) and Andalucia/Extremadura (Spain). We would like to thank the following colleagues for submissions, updates and corrections: Bofeng Zhu and his group (Shaanxi, P.R.China), Pamszav Horolma and her group (Budapest, Hungary), Anke Junge and her group (Bonn, Germany), Cheng-Hwai Tzeng and his group (Taipei, Taiwan), Andreas Karlsson and his group (Linkoeping, Sweden), Anibal Gaviria and his group (Medellin, Colombia), Thomas Rothaemel and his group (Hannover, Germany), Berit Myhre Dupuy and her group (Oslo, Norway), Uta Immel and her group (Halle, Germany), Hector Rangel-Villalobos and his group (Ocotlan, Mexico), Miljen Maletin and his group (Novi Sad, Serbia), Brigitte Pakendorf and her group (Leipzig, Germany), Marcin Wozniak and his group (Bydgoszcz, Poland), Grzegorz Kaczmarczyk and his group (Krakow, Poland) and Maria Jose Farfan and her group (Sevilla, Spain).

We wish you a happy new year !

Lutz Roewer, Sascha Willuweit
YHRD curators

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