March 18, 2006

Skeletofacial morphology and facial attractiveness

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The Angle Orthodontist
: Vol. 76, No. 2, pp. 204–210.

Skeletofacial Morphology of Attractive and Nonattractive Faces

Stamatia Matoula Hans Pancherz


The aim of this study was to answer the question: Is facial beauty related to specific skeletofacial morphology? Thirty attractive (25 females, 5 males) and 32 nonattractive (11 females, 21 males) subjects were compared. Facial attractiveness was assessed by the aid of en-face facial photographs. Skeletofacial morphology was determined using lateral head films. The radiographs were analyzed with respect to sagittal and vertical jaw relationships, facial height, profile convexity, and lip position. The relationship between the skeletofacial variables and “divine” facial proportions was evaluated with a facial disproportion index in the transverse and vertical plane. When comparing attractive with nonattractive females, the attractive females had a larger ANB angle and Wits-appraisal (P < .05 and P < .001, respectively), the soft tissue profile was more convex (P < .01), and the distances of the upper and lower lips to the “Esthetic Line” (E-line) were smaller (P < .01). When comparing nonattractive females with nonattractive males, the males had a larger Wits-appraisal (P < .01), the soft tissue profile was more convex (P < .01), and the distances of the upper and lower lips to the E-line were smaller (P < .01). A significant correlation (P < .05) between the skeletofacial variables and the transverse and vertical facial disproportion indices was found only for the ML/NL angle (transverse: r = −0.73, and vertical: r = 0.68) and for the posterior facial height (transverse: r = 0.80). It could be concluded that facial beauty in frontal view is related only to a minor degree to specific skeletofacial morphology in lateral view. Link

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