February 09, 2006

More African American Lives

I watched African American Lives, finding it to be quite well done, and informative. I took some notes on some of the celebrities which were shown in the program.

Henry Louis Jr, 50%-50% European/Sub-Saharan African

Oprah Winfrey 89%-8%-3% Sub-Saharan African/Native American/East Asian

Quincy Jones 63%/34% Sub-Saharan African/European

Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot 45% European

Chris Tucker 83%/10% Sub-Saharan African/Native American (?)

Mae Jemison 13% East Asian

Whoopi Goldberg 90% Sub-Saharan African

Additionally, Mark Shriver was shown to take a 3D scan of Henry Louis, Jr's head, and it was said that he was working on correlating facial features with genetic admixture. On the minus side, the 13% "East Asian" component in Mae Jamison was explained by "Chinese laborers", rather than the more probable explanation of a difficulty in distinguishing between Native Americans and East Asians.

See also Mozart's Skull and the DNA of the famous

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