August 19, 2005

Y-haplogroup testing options (c. Aug 19, 2005)

I thought it would be useful to list all the companies that you can use to test your Y-chromosome haplogroup as of now. In choosing a testing company, one has to consider:
  • The type of genetic information that they can obtain
  • The price
  • The quality of the company: accompanying information, turnaround times, years in business, number of customers, customer satisfaction, etc.
I will not go into the third factor, which is quite subjective, and I will limit myself to price and genetic information obtained. I will also list pricing for individual customers, and not pricing for those interested in joing a "surname" project, or other promotional offers that various companies want to offer.

For information purposes only. You are responsible if you decide to use any of these testing companies. Companies are listed alphabetically.

DNA Heritage

DNA Heritage offer a $99 fine-resolution global SNP test which determines not only the "main" haplogroup (e.g., R1b), but also sub-haplogroups (e.g., R1b3). For a list of markers, click here.


Ethnoancestry offers a world-wide SNP test for determining your haplogroup (e.g., R1b) for $195. Finer-resolution tests are also offered or planned.

Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA offers a $159 12-marker Y-STR test. In some cases, this may be used to infer the haplogroup (e.g., R1b) with high probability. A confirmatory SNP test which tests perhaps multiple SNPs until the haplogroup is confirmed costs $65.

Genographic Project

The Genographic Project is offering a $99.95 test (plus $7.55 shipping & handling for US customers, or $26.50 for international customers). The same STR markers as Family Tree DNA are typed, and a SNP test is performed (at no extra cost) if haplogroup attribution is ambiguous.


GeoGene is offering a global SNP test for determining your haplogroup, e.g., R1b, plus 6 Y-STR markers for $185 with a 100% money-back guarantee.

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