August 31, 2005

Racial analysis calculator (female version)

I have created a female version of the Racial Analysis Calculator which can be found here. This works by first converting raw measurements into "male-equivalents" and then checking these against the previously identified metric types. The accuracy will depend on (i) the goodness of the conversion process which was based on regression on male-female population data that was available to me, and also of course (ii) the accuracy of the raw measurements. As before, this works only for Caucasoids. If you are male, then you can still access the male version here.

I'm always interested in hearing comments from people who've used the various calculator tools which can be found at the Anthropological Research Page, so leave a comment here or post at the Dodona forum. In many cases errors in measurement technique render the results meaningless, but if you persevere and obtain correct measurements, then (unless you have a particularly oddly shaped head) you should get some interesting results.

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Anonymous said...

So does that mean that the racial analysis calculator is
related to dna ancestry?