April 13, 2005

The Genographic Project

The Genographic Project is a new initiative by National Geographic and IBM, headed by Dr. Spencer Wells, in which ordinary people can participate, for about $100. For this price you will learn your mtDNA and Y-chromosomal "deep ancestry", and it seems like a really good bargain for anyone interested on the subject, in addition to being part of a real research project!

Until now, the only way to obtain this information was through one of several DNA companies, and at a much higher price. It is not yet clear what information you will get from your sample, so anyone who has already learned their place in the mtDNA and Y-chromosomal phylogeny (::weep:: me) should probably wait before they join in.

Also, of interest in the Genographic Project site, the interactive Atlas of the Human Journey.


Actually, it appears that males only get the Y-chromosomal test and females get the mtDNA test.
How to participate

Samples will be analyzed for genetic "markers" found in mitochondrial DNA and on the Y chromosome. We will be performing two tests for the public participants:

Males: Y-DNA test. This test allows you to identify your deep ancestral geographic origins on your direct paternal line.

Females: Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). This tests the mtDNA of females to identify the ancestral migratory origins of your direct maternal line.

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sbarrkum said...

They would have a bigger data set if they would allow submission of analysis from others sources.

I know its work to match output from two sources, but could be automated with a few days of work.