April 18, 2005

ESHG Conference 2005

The European Society of Human Genetics conference (ESHG 2005) will take place next month, and several interesting presentations will take place. I am sure that many of these pieces of research will be published in the next year or so. I am personally looking forward to the new research from Fulvio Cruciani on haplogroups A, E, and R1b. Dr. Cruciani was the author of a very informative recent study on Y haplogroup E3b.

Damir /. Marjanovic -- P1186. Y-chromosome bi-allelic and STR markers in the three main ethnic groups of modern Bosnia-Herzegovina

Sanghamitra Sengupta -- P1216. Genescape of India, as Reconstructed from Polymorphic DNA Variation in the Y chromosome

Andrea Novelletto -- P1222. Y chromosomal variation in the Czech Republic

Fulvio Cruciani -- P1230. Molecular dissection of the Y chromosome haplogroups A, E and R1b

Andrey V. Khrunin -- P1232. Y-microsatellite polymorphism in Russian populations from nothern and southern regions of European part of Russia

Rita Khusainova -- P1241. Genetic structure of Eurasian populations based on Alu insertion data

Ildus Kutuev -- C78. Phylogeographic analysis of mtDNA and Y chromosome lineages in Caucasus populations

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