January 28, 2005

Western Norwegian modal haplotype

Western Norway, being relatively remote from the European continent and the known source of Viking migrations is of special anthropological interest. It may represent a relatively untainted North Germanic gene pool, and is usually thought to be a good representative of the Norsemen of the Viking age.

The modal haplotype of W. Norway is 14-12-28-23-10-11-13-14,14 and according to Whit Athey's haplogroup predictor it is suggestive of Y-haplogroup I1a which has a well-known Northwestern European main distribution. Its prevalence in Europe (129 matches) is shown below:

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The distribution of a one-step neighbor of the above (14-12-28-23-10-11-13-13,14) with 105 occurrences in Europe has the following distribution:

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