January 29, 2005

Distribution of Moscow, Kiev and Warsaw modal haplotypes

Moscow, Kiev and Warsaw are the respective capitals of the three great Eastern European Slavic nations of Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Using YHRD I attempted to see the distribution of the modal Y-chromosomal haplotypes from these three locations.

In Moscow, the modal haplotype is 16-13-30-25-11-11-13-11,14. As expected, according to Whit Athey's haplogroup predictor, this haplotype is most indicative of haplogroup R1a. It is found in 116 individuals in the current release, including 91 from Europe and 21 from Asia:

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The Kiev modal haplotype is 17-13-30-25-10-11-13-10,14 and seems to indicate haplogroup R1a as well. It is found in 130 individuals, including 126 from Europe and 2 from Asia, and in general seems to be more geographically constrained than that of Moscow, being (mostly or wholly) absent e.g., from Scandinavia, the British Isles and the Caucasus:

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The Warsaw modal haplotype is the same as that of Kiev. Interestingly -as far as I can tell- the Kiev-Warsaw modal haplotype does not seem to be found in Moscow, while the Moscow modal haplotype is found in both Kiev and Warsaw.

UPDATE: The modal haplotype of the Baltic capitals of Riga, Latvia and Vilnius Lithuania seems to be the same as that of Moscow.

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