December 29, 2004

mtDNA haplogroup X is not present in extant South American Indians

Haplogroup X originated in the western part of the Old World, and is not shared by most Mongoloids, with the exception of some Siberians and Native Americans. This study failed to discover its presence in South American Indians.

American Journal of Physical Anthropology (Early View)

Is haplogroup X present in extant South American Indians?

Cláudia L. Dornelles et al.


A total of 1,159 mitochondrial DNA samples from two Mongolian, two Siberian, and 25 South Native American populations was surveyed for the presence of the C16278T mutation, frequently found in haplogroup X. Material from 25 carriers of that mutation was then sequenced for the hypervariable segment I (HVS-I) control region, and those that still were not classifiable in classical Amerindian haplogroups were further studied. The tests involved all the control region, as well as the presence of characteristic mutations in seven coding fragments, totalling 5,760 base pairs. The results indicate that haplogroup X is not present in these samples.


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lkdjf said...

this link says they found haplogroup x-mtdna in south america "in South America among the Yanomami people (12%) in eight villages in Roraima in northwestern Brazil". it gives references.

i theorize this specific haplogroup is linked or traveled with a unique x chromosome. the places where it is found in highest percentages have very similar characteristics in common. take a look - druze-28%, some hutterites-30%, american indians-up to 25%, these jungle amazon indians-15%, caucasus-8%, and the orkneys-8% and isolated in the altai mountains of siberia...
the haplogroup sticks out the most to me where its found in the orkneys simply because i've noticed for years that allot of scottish skulls are shaped with eyes spread further to the sides and tops of the heads much broader with broader shoulders and feet. though their y-dna is similar to everyone else in the region, same with the hutterites.
the differentiating features are most noticeable in the orkney scots and hutterites where all of their gene base is european aside from this one mtdna marker.
i definitely see a correlation in these groups, it stands out to me. any thoughts?