January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Last year I wished for ancient African DNA and I got my wish.
This year I wish for some ancient East Asian DNA. It's quite an embarrassment that hundreds of ancient European genomes have been published, but only a single Chromosome 21 from East Asia.


terryt said...

"This year I wish for some ancient East Asian DNA".

Yes. And I am sure such DNA will show that there was just as must population movement in the East as has now been shown to be the case in Europe. I find it very interesting that many who accept major movement in western Eurasia apparently believe the Far Eastern population has remained fixed since the Paleolithic. To me it is obvious that what was basically a very similar population spread from South Asia, through SE Asia to Australia/New Guinea was later diluted and even replaced through much of Southeast Asia by a movement from further north.

Grey said...

happy new year

Average Joe said...

If anyone should be embarrassed it is the Asians since they have more than enough scientists to do the research.

Anonymous said...

I wish for Homo florensis and this Red Deer fellows DNA to be successfully retrieved. And those 80.000 year old teeth. Lastly, more early upper paleolithic samples.