December 09, 2014

"Ancient DNA: the first three decades" meeting papers

A bucketload of papers here. Some titles of interest:

  1. Where are the Caribs? Ancient DNA from ceramic period human remains in the Lesser Antilles
  2. Identification of kinship and occupant status in Mongolian noble burials of the Yuan Dynasty through a multidisciplinary approach
  3. The ancient Yakuts: a population genetic enigma
  4. Ancient mitochondrial DNA from the northern fringe of the Neolithic farming expansion in Europe sheds light on the dispersion process
  5. Mitochondrial DNA variation in the Viking age population of Norway
  6. Almost 20 years of Neanderthal palaeogenetics: adaptation, admixture, diversity, demography and extinction
  7. Screening ancient tuberculosis with qPCR: challenges and opportunities
  8. Parallel detection of ancient pathogens via array-based DNA capture
  9. Unravelling the complexity of domestication: a case study using morphometrics and ancient DNA analyses of archaeological pigs from Romania
  10. Ancient genomics
  11. Ancient population genomics and the study of evolution


Unknown said...

Dienekes, what is your current opinion , in light of the recent ancient results, about the intrusion of southwest Asian DNA into Europe duing the Bronze Age,you earlier spoke of, especially compared to other bloggers (eg Eurogenes), who rather see a steppe-north eastern intrusion ?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the study of Skoglund e.a. They have mtDNA HV0 found in Pitted Ware remains. That is interesting. HV0 has never been found in Neolithic sites.

The study states that one HV0 is found, but the table states two are found.