April 11, 2012

Biology of Genomes 2012 titles

Some interesting titles from the upcoming 2012 Biology of Genomes meeting. I put in bold the ones that I'm most looking forward to.
  • Boerwinkle, E. Population genetics analysis of 1000 whole genome sequences—The CHARGE-S Consortium
  • Colonna, V. Genomic regions of exceptionally high or low population differentiation from the 1000 Genomes Phase I data
  • Gronau, I. Studying genome-wide patterns of genetic diversity using individual human genomes and a coalescent-based Bayesian approach
  • Kelso, J.F. Characterizing recent evolutionary changes on the human lineage using the high-coverage Denisovan genome
  • Kidd, J.M. Out-of-Africa migrations and deleterious alleles in diverse human genomes
  • Limborska, S.A. Genomic variations in populations from the Far North East corner of Europe
  • Myers, S.R. Haplotype-based analysis uncovers a detailed history of migration events in humans and other species
  • Paabo, S. A high-coverage archaic human genome
  • Pritchard, J. Inference of population splits and mixtures from genome-wide allele frequency data
  • Quintana-Murci, L. The demographic and adaptive history of African Pygmy populations, inferred from genome-wide SNP and sequencing data
  • Rodriguez-Flores, J.L. Genome sequence analysis of 100 individuals with Bedouin ancestry from Qatar
  • Schuster, S.C. Sequencing genomes of historic persons
  • Tabrizi, S. Characterizing recent positive selection in humans from the 1000 Genomes Project
  • Xing, J. Mobile elements demonstrate that Australopithecus effective population size was twice that of Homo


princenuadha said...

Limborska, S.A. Genomic variations in populations from the Far North East corner of Europe

Why does that interest you?

GailT said...

The paper from Paabo looks interesting - they have already made the data publicly available:


Dienekes said...

>> Why does that interest you?

I have a penchant for the exotic.

Clay said...

Paabo's stuff is always interesting.