March 25, 2011

Long live the 25th March 1821


Dean said...

Indeed, long live 25 March 1821.

I believe now that my ancestors very likely were involved in the liberation effort. Albanians/Macedonian Slavs propagandists were exposed as liars when I got my father's family tree. They said that we were speaking Albanian or Slavic when the War of Independence started, and that many Greeks became Greek only at that time. The ethnolinguistic maps of that time also refute them. Greek was spoken in much of the Peloponnese. I've been in the Greek community since birth, and I never met an Arvanite-speaking Greek.

My father's first known ancestor was born as a Greek in 1790 near the village of Valtetsi, Arcadia, before the war. Everyone in the family tree since had a Greek name. The underdog Greeks (recognized as such by historians)of my area fought and won a battle at Valtetsi, led by Maniots and Kolokotronis.

I read that Valtetsi was founded by Himariote Greeks, who were escaping the Ottomans. There has to be a reason why Himariotes or other northwest Greeks speak in my southern Greek dialect (or vice versa, we speak their dialect since they came to our region).

Unknown said...

we are all if not brothers at least cousins.... no use to quarells!!! but!! the fact that the balkans and more largly Cirkumpontins are the source of ALL civilisation..... we could prove it!!