February 06, 2011

Harappa Ancestry Project

Zack Ajmal has been doing some great work on the Harappa Ancestry Project, including posting some code and detailed instructions on how to process various source datasets. Zack contacted me only a couple of months ago for some tips about starting his own project, inspired by the Dodecad Project, and it's great to see that he is already outputting results.

This should be a good lesson to all people out there who possess (i) reasonable computer skills, (ii) reasonable understanding of genetics, (iii) reasonable computing power (my own platform most of the time is a virtual Linux box with 512MB of RAM), and (iv) time to spare on a hobby, that DIY genomics is a manageable endeavor. You will certainly learn a lot, both about genetics itself, and about the various genetics software. Most importantly, you will learn about human populations, and -if you have genetic data of your own- about yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dienekes.

Unknown said...


But the red component (C 1 when K=5) is not IMO Austranesian. It is an Indian core showing links to Papua and Melanesia. But not Austranesian links, core aboriginal links. If I am right it will be higher than Papua in aboriginal Australia, and lower in Maori.

Unknown said...

It is great initiative by Zack where as his fellow Pakistani and community mindset is mostly turning towards Arabic(ization)