October 28, 2010

Long live the 28th October 1940

In celebration of today's holiday, I've opened up submission to the Dodecad project (for a limited time) to many more groups than my target ones.


Dean said...

My grandfather was in the Greek army and fought the Italians in Albania and bought the grave of his best childhood friend and comrade, Polivios, who was killed in the war. My mom said he was shot and died in my grandfather's arms. My grandfather now lies in that grave. I guess they took out Polivios' bones and put them in an ossuary.

An in-law also fought in the war and published his memoirs, something called, Etsi To Thimame (that's how I remember it), or something like that. It's written in Greek. I used to have that book, and the author tells of the day-to-day rigors of soldiers. My mom might still have a few copies, if I lost mine.

My mom listens to Sofia Vempo, a Greek singer who sang patriotic songs and rallied the troops against the Axis. I only recently heard of her and listened to her music.

Thanks, Dienekes, for keeping the memory and holiday alive.

pconroy said...

Samples sent!

Marnie said...

Thanks for your family's story, Dean. Those who carried the memory of the fallen are dying now, but may their memory outlive us.

What can be said of a war who's impact is born so greatly, that still, it is hard to speak of?

In memory of Yiannis Karayiannis, the only brother of Marika (Marou) Karanicola (ne Karayiannis), my husband Andy's paternal yia yia. Yiannis died in Epiros in 1943.

And in memory of Efthemios Katsapis, Andy's maternal grandfather, who fought and lived to tell it.

Also in memory of the German officer, whoever he is, who against orders, spared the village of Avgerinos, Voiou, Kozani.

Constantinos said...

In memory of Philton and Yiannos Tsirogiannis who risked their lives to fight the axis in the mountains of Thessaly