September 25, 2010

Family Finder call for data

Family Tree DNA (no endorsement) is offering an autosomal test in the form of Family Finder. Naturally, it would make sense to tweak EURO-DNA-CALC to include people who have results from FF. Unfortunately I haven't been able to track down a sample file on the FTDNA site, to see what the data format actually is.

So, if anyone wants this feature added, feel free to e-mail me. DO NOT send your autosomal results right away, as I don't want to be flooded with data files. Just let me know you'd be willing to help and I'll let you know to send me the data.

Assuming the data format is reasonable enough, this should not be too much work to add the feature. If you've worked with FF data before and have any tips on any quirks it might have, or any differences from the way e.g., 23andMe reports the data, feel free to write to me as well.

My e-mail address is at the bottom of the blog.

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