December 27, 2009

mtDNA haplogroup C4c as a founding lineage in the Americas

American Journal of Physical Anthropology doi:10.1002/ajpa.21238

Brief communication: Mitochondrial haplotype C4c confirmed as a founding genome in the Americas

Ripan S. Malhi et al.


Mitochondrial DNA analysis of 31 unrelated Shuswap speakers from a previously poorly sampled region of North America revealed two individuals with haplogroups rarely found in the Americas, C4c and C1d. Comparison of the complete genomes of the two individuals with others found in the literature confirms that C4c is a founding haplotype and gives insight into the evolution of the C1d haplotype. This study demonstrates the importance of collecting and analyzing data from Native North Americans when addressing hypotheses about the peopling of the Americas.

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