September 06, 2009

Colin Renfrew video on the "Renfrew hypothesis" of Indo-European origin

A two-part video interview of Colin Renfrew; the discussion of Indo-European spans roughly 22:20 to 40:40 in the second part.

Part I

Part II

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Anonymous said...

Sad to say I have a similar nose to Mr. Renfrew but thankfully do not have his tooth gap.

He is very candid about his life, his early life, family and wife. Rather nosy interviewer.

His explanation for selecting Anatolia is acceptable. It all has to do with farming and the presence of indicators of IE languages in Europe, he mentions Greece, back to the Neolithic age. Neolithic age language means farmers which to him means Anatolia.

I liked the way Renfrew mimics the speech of others in a mocking way.