August 22, 2009

Carleton Coon on video

The Penn Museum has put up "What in the Word", a series from the 1950s, in which a group of panelists (one of which is physical anthropologist Carleton Coon) discuss various artifacts in the context of world archaeology/anthropology/history.

Here is the first episode:


Kepler said...

Thanks, Dienekes.
Very funny how they portrayed things back then.
I couldn't help to see countries in the mpa. Germany was divided by occupation forces back then and most of Africa were colonies.

Bob Campbell said...

I knew Dr. Schuyler Van Rensselaer Camman, professor of (East) Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where these episodes were taped. He was from a Dutch patrician family on Long Island. He is the tall person standing on the right. I was at Penn during the 1960's.

D. B. Light said...

I remember watching this show when I was a child. It sparked my interest in the past. Much later I got a Ph. D. in History from Penn. The University Museum was one of my favorite places to read and study.

Anonymous said...

Strange spooky presentation. A little like looking at a crystal ball, and the at a UFO.

Coon's New England accent made me laugh. Interesting how they did not really know the age or origin of the exhibits specifically but just in a general way. The discussion on the piece of Obsidian was the most amusing. Coon's habit of looking around and over his glasses was annoying.

Patrick Henry said...

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