January 28, 2009

Y chromosome haplogroup I and rapid HIV progression

This is one of few substantiated cases of possible selection acting on a Y-chromosome haplogroup. Another one involved interaction between haplogroup R and mtDNA haplogroup H. Selection is one of the mechanisms that can account for the fact that Y-chromosome lineages have grown to demographic sizes that far exceed expectation under genetic drift.

Human Genetics doi:10.1007/s00439-008-0620-7

Association of Y chromosome haplogroup I with HIV progression, and HAART outcome

Efe Sezgin et al.


The host genetic basis of differential outcomes in HIV infection, progression, viral load set point and highly active retroviral therapy (HAART) responses was examined for the common Y haplogroups in European Americans and African Americans. Accelerated progression to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and related death in European Americans among Y chromosome haplogroup I (Y-I) subjects was discovered. Additionally, Y-I haplogroup subjects on HAART took a longer time to HIV-1 viral suppression and were more likely to fail HAART. Both the accelerated progression and longer time to viral suppression results observed in haplogroup Y-I were significant after false-discovery-rate corrections. A higher frequency of AIDS-defining illnesses was also observed in haplogroup Y-I. These effects were independent of the previously identified autosomal AIDS restriction genes. When the Y-I haplogroup subjects were further subdivided into six I subhaplogroups, no one subhaplogroup accounted for the effects on HIV progression, viral load or HAART response. Adjustment of the analyses for population stratification found significant and concordant haplogroup Y-I results. The Y chromosome haplogroup analyses of HIV infection and progression in African Americans were not significant. Our results suggest that one or more loci on the Y chromosome found on haplogroup Y-I have an effect on AIDS progression and treatment responses in European Americans.



Gioiello said...

I think it is necessary to alert Ken Nordtvedt, Vincent Vizachero and Jules Van Laar.

miz RAND BLOWTON said...

AIDS is bad no mattter what your Haplogroup,so I wouldn't want it ,period. But if it's meant to kill off all the male I's first, then that's nature's decision.Like,Maybe they'll be eradicated with monkey pox.