October 02, 2008

Immigration and intermarriage rate

This reminds me of my 2003 post on Group Bias in Mate Selection and Outmarriage. In that post I argued that -given a preference level of marrying members of one's own group- larger groups have lower outmarriage rates.

Immigration Correlates with Slowed Rate of Intermarriages in United States
The study suggests Hispanic and Asian immigrants are likely to marry among themselves. In addition, more native-born minorities are selecting marriage partners from the growing pool of immigrants.

The result is that the number of native-born Hispanic men in intermarriages with whites declined by nearly 4 percentage points between 1990 and 2000 – from 35.3 percent to 31.9 percent. The number of native-born Asian American men in intermarriages declined from 50.2 to 45.8 percent.

The expression "the number of" is probably unfortunate, since it is the percentage that is declining, but the percentage is out of a bigger minority population.

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