May 19, 2008

Greek men continue to grow taller

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Acta Paediatr. 2008 May 12 [Epub ahead of print]

Greek young men grow taller.

Papadimitriou A, Fytanidis G, Douros K, Papadimitriou DT, Nicolaidou P, Fretzayas A.

Aim: To examine whether a secular trend for greater height is still observed in young Greek men. Method: Height and weight of 3982 Greek conscripts, aged 18-26 years, were measured and correlated with the level of education and place of residence. Our data were collected from May 2006 to May 2007 from pre-selected army camps all over Greece. The data were compared with those of a similar study performed in 1990. Results: Mean height (+/-SD) of the conscripts was 178.06 (+/-7.05) cm. From 1990 until 2006, mean height increased from 175.7 cm to 178.06 cm (p < p =" 0.007)"> Conclusions: Our data show a further increase in the stature of young Greek men in the last 16 years. It appears that the male Greek population has still not exhausted its growth potential.



Unknown said...

The two studys contradict eachother.I mean the one you published 2007 "The evolution of adult height in Europe." says that already 1980 greek average male height was 178 cm.The new one says 1990 was 175 and only in 2006 it reached the 178! I dont know, are the studys comparable?

Dienekes said...

It might be a difference between self-reporting (as in the previous study) or direct measurement (as in this one).

Unknown said...

"It might be a difference between self-reporting (as in the previous study) ..."

Makes sense.People tend to give themselfs some centimeters more... :)

Stopped Clock said...

It might also be a difference between age groups. By the way, thank you Dienekes, for giving me links to information about Human Height. I've contributed much to the Wikipedia article, and when I got tired of the vandalism, I created my own page with direct links to all the sources.

Anonymous said...

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brenno said...

the true height is 177,40.
178,1 is the urban male average.

a northern italian